Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Whales found mimic human speeches!!! Unbelievable 14 yrs of Research came to a conclusion!!!

Orca Whales found mimic human speeches (Hello & Bye Bye)

Its an amazing news recently that was caught with our mind, that human has finally found a member of a Dolphin family mimicking human speeches. A killer whale ORCA named WIKI belonging to a dolphin family which was taken under custody for study & research 14 years back Marineland aquarium in Antibes, France has been giving fruitful results that it can mimic human speeches such as Hello, bye-bye etc.

To do so, the researchers presented Wikie with recordings of unfamiliar sounds and words spoken by trainers, which the whale was then instructed to copy as in-air vocalizations (rather than underwater). Previous sessions with Wikie had already trained her to respond to a "do this" command for a fish reward, the study authors reported.

Then, the scientists compared her calls with the original sounds using dynamic time warping (DTW), an algorithm that maps two linear sequences, calculating where they match. The researchers also had blindfolded judges listen to audio samples — original and orca-produced — and decide whether the recordings sounded similar.

Click here to hear that exciting sounds and vibration produced by WIKI

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