Monday, 12 February 2018

BPO projects SCAM India -Shocking Reports!!!!

Many of us know that BPO industries were at at its peak some years back and we least know that BPO projects which was taken by startup companies were 80% fake.

 I have registered a real scenario happened few years back and has explained how my friend was tricked in to this BPO scam projects.

The BPO project brokers so called Project lenders are still in market and trying to scam money. Most of their victims are the people who has an idea to become an enterprenaur.

First Step they advertise or market themselves as a company having clients abroad trying launch its outbound sales projects in India. They claim they are the only person in touch with them and can work on commisions.

Many fall prey to their catchy marketing strategy such as Advance Payout and daily/bi- weekly payment release from clients.

They first ask us to provide the infrastructiure details and proper company profile to share with their clients. Once they got the infrastructure & Company profile they claim that client has accepted the deal for a business.

Second step they provide you list of projects and system requirements needed for the same

Once these steps were cleared they give the details of the potential income gained by the centre once the projects get Live.

They keep a formal interview with the canditates chosen to work and link them with so called clients who speaks foriegn accent well.

They demand a cost atlease 20k for a single seat in advance . For instance if we are starting a company of 10 seats they ask us 2 lakh rupees and they give us an option of giving 1 Lakh Upfront and the remaining they collect it after the training period is done.

After getting 1 Lakh rupees, they provide you the training details and instructions to be followed. In that case my friend had taken a non voice project PDF to DOC conversion and alignment.

They give you 15 days time to complete the trainning documents submission. They mention that we need to clear 95% accuracy test. After the submission they demand for the remaining 1 Lakh for the release of the results.

After a few days they come back with results saying that we have not cleared with the results and the project was rejected by the client.

The fishy part is the document you signed for this project has a clear statement mentioning that if the centre fails to deliver 95% accuracy in training documents the project will be rejected and the upfront amount paid will not refunded and aprreciated.

This is the WTF moment for the guys who spent 2 Lakhs rupees for the advance, spent on employee salary for one month, Training expenses, system arrangements etc.

These project lendenrs quietly move on as they have a strong documents signed by you will support them legally as well.

Irony is, the survival after this disaster becomes impossible to overcome and most of the centre closed with debts and with a big question for the individuals to move on to other liabilities.

Their Targetted Victims were mostly fresher from colleges who were unemployed and have desires to become an entreprenaur,

My advice is, Guys please don beleive in anybody who approches you with a BPO projects. Dont beleive anything you see online is 100% true.

The Company that Cheated my Friend is BINGENSYS Technologies, Chennai, now closed and the individuals who ran has found scamming 88 Lakhs around cities Mumbai, Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Bhopal, Delhi, Kolkatta & Bengaluru.

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