Tuesday, 6 February 2018

How Fast You Can Loose Your Belly Fat!! Checklist to reduce Belly Fat faster than you Imagine!!!

Checklist to reduce Belly Fat faster than you Imagine!!!

Belly fat is actually considered as a curse for our health and physical appearances. The Latest researches links belly fat everything from heart attack , diabetes, gastric issues and even dementia. Sadly the proportion of people having a belly has been increased recently especially women. The Below tips were very simple to make and follow, yet incredibly effective strategies to shrink belly fats. 

Lemon Water

>>Lemon water helps the body in cleansing the digestive system
>>detoxifies the entire body.
>>Burns fat around the belly more effectively

>>Have to be taken in empty stomach.
>>Squeeze a lemon in a glass of warm water and drink it in an empty stomach

>>Watch Celebrities Master Technique for Weight Loss

Stay Hydrated

>>>Dehydration plays a vital role in indigestion and fat gain around the belly area

>>> Drinking 8 glass of water in a day helps you hydarated and makes your digestive system work more efficiently and helps in burning of belly fat
>>>Adding lemon, cucumber and mint in water is extremely refreshing and effecive for weight loss.

>>>Shilpa Shetty's Yoga WorkOuts

Physical Workouts 

>>>Shilpa Shetty's yoga workout for Belly Fat Weight loss cannot be done 100% without physical workouts.
>>>Having a small time walk or jogging in fresh air kick starts your digestive metabolism.

>>>By the time you eat your breakfast, you can burn more calories.
>>>Exercising for 30 to 60 minutes helps you realize your weight loss goals.
>>>10,000 steps a day
>>>Get a pedometer to help you track your progress.

Diet Time Table

Diet is one of the best way to reduce fat as it regularize the digestion metabolism of the body. Keeping an eye on the timings in diet table will enhance and makes your fat burner faster than it actually happens at workouts.

>>>Eat only when you feel hungry.
>>>Have a Glass of warm water before very meal.
>>>Skipping lunch and having protein intakes such as Protein shakes instead will enhance your fat burn activity faster.
>>>Dont have a heavy dinner and dont make it so late.
>>>Stay away from carbonated drinks, soft drinks and oily foods.

**Other Tips
>>On empty stomach having anyone of the below will make your belly fat burns faster
1. Green Tea
2. Ginger Crushed with Warm Water
3. Honey with Hot Water
4. Ginger with Buttermilk
5. Cinnamon powder with Hot Water

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