Thursday, 8 February 2018


As we all know Mission Impossible 6 was on its way to hit the silver screen this year 2018, a splendid surprise is the package of casting associated in this special agent movie.

Ethan Hunt this time will face SuperMan fame Henry Cavil as negative role in the movie. The trailer shows some intense fight scenes and action sequences which will be a great treat for action movie lovers.

Tom Cruise is seems romancing with to opposie female leads Rebecca Ferguson & Michelle Monaghan. Our prediction is Rebecca will be in a female negative lead and may be a great threat for MI Agent to complete his mission.

The thing that worries Tom's fans is, he is getting older and seems not comfortable with actions sequence. He looks fragile and weak at some scenes in the trailer. The 55 year old actor has come acrossed many impossible missions so far but we fear he may be giving up his special agent bonus to someone else in upcomeing years.

Henry Cavil, a man with great looks and physche has an awesome screen presence that will definetely give more tough for special agent on screen.

Lets hope this movie will not disappoint the fans as some sequels did before last year.

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