Saturday, 7 April 2018

World's smallest Mobile is here!!! - Try it Out!!!!!

World's Best Handy Mobile is here - Try it Out!!!!!

Smallest mobile phone that may trigger the evolution of tiny gadgets is now here. Meet L8 Star Mobile. In the era of big screen smartphones, L8Star stands out from the competition as it comes with tiny display and many more features.

This phone is claimed to weigh lighter than a cigerrete  packet and is smaller than a lighter.

We shouldn't expect what our smartphones give us in this device but we can except some basic communication techniques with modern usage like a bluetooth ipad, calling etc .

Having a second mobile handy may help us during our panic situations.  As it is tiny it can be carried anywhere with less occupancy scope.

Feature Phone
CAn be used as Bluetooth earphone for making a call, listening to music, free your hands from your cellphone, ipad, tablet, PC etc.,
Insert a sim card, it can be used as an independent cell phone.


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