Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Green Turtle Mystery Finally Solved - Australian Scientists

Endangered Green Turtle Mystery has been finally solved by Australian Scientists.

Over a period of time, the green turtle from Australian east coastal bay has been shortlisted as endangered species as their population seems decreasing year by year.

The resaon behind the decrease in their count was a mystery for all these years until Australian Scientist has finally found the reason behind the depletion.

A new study in the journal Current Biology found that , up to 99% of endangered green sea turtles born on Australia's east caoast are female. This has been the grave threat to the long term survival of the species. According to the researchers, at a pivot temperature of 29.3 degree celcius turtle hatch with a relatively even split between males and females.

These green sea turtles don't develop into males or females based on sex chromosomes, rather it is entored depend on temperation out side the egg that determines the gender of the embryo. The increase of the templerature above 29.3 Celcius, the hatched egg will gives out only skew female.
If the rise in temperature has not been controlled , this turtle population will become completely Feminised which could in turn wipe out the population over the course of years

Hence a small variations in potential temperature increase in the coming years can have a disastrous effect on the long-term survival of a green sea turtle.

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